Bill Rosenbluth

Principal Engineer, ASA.
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Forensic Analysis & Expert Witness Services
Automotive Computer and Electronic Control Systems
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Automotive Systems Analysis

Reston, Virginia  20191  

ASA specializes in the forensic analysis and diagnosis of computer-related vehicle control systems,  and in the analysis of crash-related vehicle electronic data (Black Box Data).  In the course of investigating over 1200 cases involving alleged vehicle systems and/or component failures, ASA has developed a range of specialized testing techniques and analysis methods.  ASA has also designed and implemented a number of proprietary data analysis and interrogation tools that provide more detailed vehicle information than is normally available with commercial or dealer-level vehicle test equipment.  These systems include special EEPROM data upload/ download/analysis for crash-related Event Data Recorders (EDRs)  as may be incorporated within vehicle SRS, EDR, PCM and ABS vehicle control units, laboratory data acquisition systems & fixtures for impinged-acceleration tests on exemplar EDRs and on-vehicle data-acquisition systems that perform as a 'flight recorders' for road tests of vehicle subsystems such as steering and braking.  

ASA has demonstrated advanced capabilities for retrieving and translating EDR data from systems beyond  the current  capabilities of standard commercial passenger vehicle EDR tools such as the Bosch/Vetronix CDR ®. 

For assistance with any project, please contact ASA:
Telephone:  703-860-0060 

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