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Analysis Examples

ASA has demonstrated advanced capabilities for retrieving and translating EDR data from systems beyond  the current  capabilities of standard commercial passenger vehicle EDR tools.   As an example, for yet undefined EDRs,  in order to confirm our inductive-reverse-engineering analysis of potential acceleration records in the undefined EDR EEPROM data,  we subject the yet-undefined EDR to a calibrated impinged-acceleration pulse, monitored with an independent accelerometer, and then compare that known acceleration pulse waveform to various coded data patterns in the EEPROM data.  Once such a relationship is tentatively established, we conduct a series of varying magnitude impinged accelerations to confirm the repeatability of our decoding and scaling factors for the EEPROM data in the EDR under test.  An example of one test in such an exercise is shown below.    Note that this example falls outside the Bosch/Vetronix CDR ® vehicle application set and incorporates an EEPROM data retrieval method used only in advanced laboratories.   

ASA case examples include various Domestic, Asian, European passenger vehicles.

2007 Hyundai Elantra   Example Comparing Impinged Acceleration Recorded by Independent Accelerometer to EEPROM Recorded Acceleration  - Delta-V for acceleration recording method derived by numerical integration.

Example of Direct EEPROM Read to Reteieve EEPROM Event Data Not Accessible with any Commercial Tools

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